The Cylon detector was a method of detecting the Cylons. Created by Gaius Baltar, the doctor came up with these simple steps to locating a toaster.



Case in point.

Adama: "Can you come up with a way to find any Cylons lurking in our midst?"
Baltar: "I... I will certainly give it my all, Commander."
William Adama and Gaius Baltar[src]
  • Step one — Place test subject on bed.
  • Step two — Undress test subject.
  • Step three — Unzip fly.
  • Step four — Get on top of test subject.
  • Step five — Do the funky chicken.
  • Step six — Observe test subject's spine and see if it glows.
  • Step seven — Repeat as necessary.

However, after being asked to test the whole fleet (including Saul Tigh and William Adama himself), Baltar devised a new method involving nuclear warheads and the like.